Monday, February 28, 2011

Updated Royal Frauds of Europe

Please share this list with Your friends. Report the fakes to Facebook. And if You know of any more fake royalties or nobilities - please let me know! But I also need to know on what grounds You claim them to be fakes.

OR if You know that I mistaken about anyone - please let me know! But I need proof that they are real.

I am sure I have plenty more of those fakes in my list of friends, but I prefer to believe people until proven guilty.

(NOTE: People tagged to this text are not fakes or anything like that, but just like me they work against fakes.)

The "Princess Jenna Inc" - SCAMMERS!

(There are a few members of the real royal house of Romania on Facebook, but this is not them!)

* Princess Jenna Sigmaringen - Romanian princess

* Princess Sigmaringen - Romanian princess and Jennas "twinsister", called Imo. Also under the name "Princess Rose"

* Prince Dor Sigmaringen - also known as "Dormeo Leandro", brother of Jenna

* King Mihai Sigmaringen - king of Romania and grandfather to Jenna

* King Michael Romania

* Prince Nicholas Sigmaringen

* Prince Nicholas (Medorth-Mills) There is a real prince with that name, but this is not him. And this fake guy seems a bit confused or with a perverted fantasy because he has mixed up his grandfather with his father.

* Princess Noor Ul Aien (Miss Universe of Romania 2009) - Princess Jenna's alter ego?

* Princess Bianca - same person as Princess Noor and Princess Jenna. Multiple personalities?

* Princesse Rose (Jenna again!)

* Princess Noor

* Princess Margareta (of Hohenzollern Sigmaringen)

* Prince Nan

* Prince Radu Romania

* Maria Romania

Fakes and crackpots
* HSH Princess Vanessa Asia Agnelli aka Sole Unique Virgin

* Queen Margrethe II Valdemarsdatter of France & of Danemark - The biggest crackpot on the entire Facebook!

* Princess Ellen De Fantine

* Hih Princess Vivian Lamine

* Karen Cantrell - princess and duchess of almost everything...

* Darius Kings - emperor. He also run the group "Imperial Sovereign House of Kings"

* H.e. Antonio De Pleguezuelos, marquis and founder of "Order of Royal Honor" and sells noble titles for money

* Lady Grania Mountbatten - and her fan club

* Lord dr Buck Rogers

* Princess Victoire Silvine Bourbon - formerly known as Silvina Reinoso from Argentina

* Two Dukes of ISHoK {Dux Bellorums}

- Duke Michael D Peschka

- Deacon Fields (Duke Stephen L Fields)

* Hih Imperator D'Arcturus / The Emperor of Arcturus (fake and just nuts)

* Hrh Regent D'Arcturus

* Princess Jeanne Dorsainvil

* Prince Mauricio Ahnume Guerios (prince of a fantasy land)

* Council Nedd II - King David Mann of Isle of Mann is back! And his order "The Royal Order of the Well of St. Maughold" still remains...

* Princesse Hally de Bourbon y Orleans (Hally Lewis)

* Crown Prince Magloire Lamine of Bokanga and Centrafrique

* Prince Cyrus Nowia Pahlavi

* Salvatore Caputo

* von Hohenstaufen (the house of Hohenstaufen is extinct since 1300's)

* Prince Magloire

* Princess Alice Sorrell Lamine of Lobaya

* The Duke of Urmo / The Grand Duke of Austrasia

* Nathaniel E. Moeri, Prince and Grand Duke of Austrasia.

* Princess of Metz

* Prince Jeremy Count of Vexin

* Sarah Happy de Bourbon

* Ella de Borbon

* Aalyah Laprincesse

* Archidux Richard des Nubia

* Afia Nubianprincess Everett

* Achille De Conte Migliacci

* Alfred von Montfort (Comte de Montfort) (more info about "von Montfort" below!)

* Alfred de Montfort (formaly known as Alfred von Montfort)

* Benoit Poirier Comte d'Ambreville

* Alexander Graf von Helldorff

* Alexander Graf Von Steffenberg

* Andreas-Michael Bach Graf-von Wickrath

* Alexander Baron von Engelhardt

* Baron Kevin Taylor Ktb

* Baron Eric

* Baron Mathieu Huguet

* Baron R von Bärr

* Baron von Löwenstein

* Baron Yu-Ming Chen

* Barone Squillante

* Barones Marianna Weaver

* Baron Caux

* Ladytanya Powell

* Marie Chantal Miller - Crown Princess of Greece

* Princess Reka (of Hungary)

* Princess Susana von Radic (of Croatia)

* Fürst Taikowski von Merzkiewic

* Princess Corinna Oldenburg

* Alexia Bourbon De Crouzillac

* PrincessLyudmila Arh Makarenko

* Grund Duke Alexander Romanov (not to be mixed up with Prince Alexander Romanov)

* Grand Duke Arho Vitaliy

* Prince Gerhard Baron Badenixe

* Isabella Margravine Graven-Markwald

* Princess Jocelyn Badenixe

* Albert-Henri de Bourbon-Aubervilliers

* Lord EricAlexander Hvolby Windsor

* Princess Basil

* Princess Evelyn Landgravine Achwald

* Gwenaelle de Lacan

* Liala Fuad

* Bartosz Holstein Gottorp Romanov

* Medischa Vdsande Vdvendebretagne

* Reece Williams (Lord Reece Anthony Williams)

* Duc Pierre-Cyprien Von Kirkberg

* Fürst Virgil von Rumänien (aka Lukas Buchner, his other profile)

* Brent Viscount Spencer

* Victoria Bayard Romanov Il'inskij

* Duca Conte Di Semenzara

* Andrew O'Crowley (Lord Earl of Bandon)

* Duca Conte Di Semenzara

* Dragulai Romanov Damiana Isabella

* Claude-philippe de Tanna (there is a Royal house of Tanna, but they are not present on Facebook)

* SM le Roi Claude-Philippe Ier de Tanna - same person

* Princess Sylviane of Isangel* Yuliya Graefin von Habsburg

* Michelle Fürstin von Hohenlohburg (no such house ever existed)

* Kathy Hohenzollern Ml (No such member of the Hohenzollern)

* Karl-Ernst Prinz von Reuteerstedt (No such house ever existed)

* Prinz Arne von Helken (No such house exer existed)

* Micheline T de Rothschild (No such person in the Rothchild family)

* Prince Karl Friedrich von Deutschland

* Rüdiger af Østrig-Este (and all his absurd claims to Habsburg-titles. Take look at his list of "siblings", it is like reading this list of fakes!)

* Archiduquesa Katherine Von Habsburgo

* de Guise - several members, but the house of de Guise is extinct...

* Princes / princesses of Kitchenstein-Arlitz (at least a dozen of them)

Payed (very expensive) adoptions to get a title:

* Prince Marcus von Anhalt

* Prince Frederik von Anhalt

* Prince Michael von Anhalt

* Prince Eberhardt von Anhalt

* Beatrix von Anhalt

* Mario-Max Prince Schaumburg-Lippe (Prinz Zu Schaumburg-Lippe Wagner-Schöppl)

* Andrea Fürstin von Sayn-Wittgenstein


These titles and names are bought on eBay (some of these names are names on real but extinct noble houses, like von Montfort):

* Graf von Montfort (very common on Facebook!) (Not to be confused with "de Montfort" who is real)

* Graf von Roit (very common on Facebook!)

* Graf von Mainberg (very common on Facebook!)

* Graf von Leuchtenberg (very common on Facebook!)

* Graf von Dryfels

* Graf von Lutzmannstein

* Graf von Wittgensteyn

* Graf von Wilhelsmburg

* Graf von Löwenberg

* Graf von Rheinsberg

* Graf von Trausnitz

* Graf von Leonstein

* Graf von Waldeck

* Graf von Adlitz Wappenrecht

* Graf von Hadenstein

* Graf von Rothenfels

* Graf von Schwarzenau

* Graf von Hohenfels

* Graf von Hainburg

* Graf von Warterberg

* Graf von Eberstein

* Graf von Rothenstein

* Graf von Reichefels

* Reichgraf von Drachenberg

* Herzog von Meranien

* Freiherr von Arnswied

* Fürst von Dansrich

* Herzog von Altengart

* Baron von Hemschweig

* Prinz von Zwickkatz

* Graf von Burgstein

* Lord / Laird of Glenmore

* Lord / Laird of Kincavel

* Graf Trenewan

* Graf Rothberg (extinct)

* Graf Dettling

* Graf Blickensdorf

* Löwenbourg (different spelling)

* MünchensteinSee More
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Hola, Leopardo Monzino.

Tengo que comunicarle que en esta lista hay uno auténtico, ya que me han enviado un mensaje, el cual le adjunto!

Estimada Maria .
Referente a los titulos falsos que enviastes Hay por lo menos uno inexacto.
"Prince Mauricio Ahnume Guerios" es un príncipe auténtico, descendiente de los Ghassanidas del Líbano, reyes cristianos bizantinos que permanecieron bajo el manto de Constantinopla hasta el siglo XV, después migraron a Italia. Actualmente Maurício vive en Brasil..

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RAM HAZUR said...

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RAM HAZUR said...

You all are narcissits and frauds.

RAM HAZUR said...

This lists stays forever now.

RAM HAZUR said...

They are fraud and remain like so and you are one.

RAM HAZUR said...

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RAM HAZUR said...

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Elise Hellman said...

Add another to the list: James Crittenden who styles himself "His Most Serene Highness, His Exellency Frater Dylan James Stuart Francis Boniface Lucian Alban Henry Charles Plantagenet Atholl Crichton-Stuart Phillips James Maria Bertie Fitzroy Augustus Fitzalan-Howard Spencer d'Anjou de Chabannes de la Palise v. Habsburg v. Habsburg-Bourbon v. Reuter v. Thurn und Taxis v. Raven v. Sachsen Coburg und Gotha v. Sachsen Meiningen Sigismundo Riddell di Urbino Crittenden-Cavendish of Wycombe Manor".

RAM HAZUR said...

Thanks Elise.